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Growing up in northeast Ohio, we were never blessed with the wide open spaces or natural wonders so bountiful in the west, so when I relocated to Portland, Oregon after college to work in the Lighting industry, I was awestruck with the incredible natural beauty: the Willamette Valley, Columbia River Gorge, the Cascades, and of course Mt. Hood. I thought I'd never see a place to compare with it all, but as fate would have it, work brought me through western Montana several years later. This part of America with its mountains, rivers, national parks, and outdoor living is unparalleled in the lower 48 states; from that point on I was hooked.

My wife and I decided to relocate here as soon as she finished medical school and we have worked hard to improve this community we love in any way we can. Shortly after arriving in Montana, I met the owners of the Montana Grizzly Encounter & Sanctuary. Their love and dedication to these majestic creatures impressed upon me the desire to help them thrive in any way I could, so I've volunteered my time and now 5% of my net commissions from any property sale here at Small Dog Realty to their cause.

In addition to our love of the environment and animals, my wife and I have a passion for helping children and we've put that passion into action. I am a mentor for "at risk" youth at Youth Dynamics Inc. here in Livingston as well as being active in the Elks organization and my wife is the pediatrician at Livingston Healthcare. We've also been blessed to adopt an amazing son who is just as excited to give back to our community, volunteering at the Montana Grizzly Encounter & Sanctuary and local food banks in town.

When the opportunity finally came for me to begin my career in real estate, I felt that it was really important for me to work for a place that would match my passion to build and support this amazing community. My search ended when I found Pam McCutcheon at Small Dog Realty and her amazing efforts to give back to the communities we both call home. Now let me help you find your home here too. Let's make that dream of yours a reality here in Montana, the last best place. Whether buying or selling, I will be by your side to ensure you are informed, represented, and get the best possible outcome for your property transaction because you are more than just a client, you are a friend and neighbor to me.

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